The Piglets

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We have been to see the piglets with their mum, they are four weeks old now, we will take delivery when they are about eight weeks. The breed is Oxford Sandy & Black also

Poly Tunnel Disaster

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Disaster, the strong winds have wrecked the poly tunnel. The whole side split open then ripped off at the ends. It has stood up to two previous gales OK so we thought we were safe, perhaps we need to relocate … Read More

House the Pigs

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This is the area we want to house the pigs, we plan to get two this year to see how we get on. The stock fencing will be covered with a mesh so we can move the pen around allowing … Read More

Mr D’Arcy

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We have another cockeral, a neigbour had a spare who was needing a new home so we took him in, he’s a white the same as the hens and is named Mr D’Arcy. Both cockerals have not had their wings … Read More

The Trench

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It’s complete, digging the trench all around to bury the edge of the cover was back breaking but it was worth it. Now all we need are some seeds – first in will be lettuce.

Poly Tunnel

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The poly tunnel arrived before Christmas but we have only just got around to putting it up, all the hoops are in place now it’s just a case of putting on the cover.

Trusty Howard 350

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The trusty Howard 350, with it’s new engine it has a new lease of life, it’s next job will be to clear an area for the poly tunnel.

Freshly Laid Eggs

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This looks hopeful, we are getting about four eggs a day at the moment, we are advised this should go up as the days get longer. The eggs are worth waiting for, when cooked they stand up like a dome … Read More


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We have been given a cockeral who has been named Charlie. He exhausted himself by pestering all the hens as soon as he was introduced, Two hours later we found him being pestered by the hens. Unfortunately this has left … Read More

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