The teds are bringing smiles all round…

Thank you so much to everyone who helped us send “teds” to the Chita Primary School – Mpika, Zambia. As you can see they have made a lot of children very happy. Community pre-schools like this are rare and they need our help to ensure the children have all the things to help them learn to read and write and to give them the best start they can get before going to a Government school from the age of 7.

How you can help
Our next mission is to send out a package of writing equipment. We have already had a Staff “winter” party at the end of December, where everyone who attended enjoyed roasting chestnuts around a bonfire, sparklers, and homemade leek and potato soup – we also held a raffle on the night and raised an impressive £200 to kick-start our fund.

If you can help us raise even more money or wish to send writing supplies, please post to Yvonne at the Wood Fen Lodge address. THANK YOU!

P.s. Next month I am looking forward to sharing some photos of some of the children from the schools first class graduation.