Together we have raised £500 for The Good Shepherd Pre-School. Thank you!

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We can’t thank you all enough for the support and donations. So far we have sent £500 out to The Good Shepherd Pre-School in Zambia and this has, and will continue to make a huge difference to the teaching staff and the children. This month we are sending them a laptop which will help the staff to do lessons plans more easily and stay connected to the internet too. We can’t wait to be able to skype call them!

About the school
Community pre-schools like this are rare and not only are the teaching staff here all volunteers, they need our help to ensure the children have all the things to help them learn to read and write and to give them the best start they can get before going to a Government school from the age of 7 – which is where we come in…

We are on a mission!
We are hoping to collect enough so we can send out a package of writing equipment. If you can help us raise even more money or wish to send writing supplies, please post to Yvonne at the Wood Fen Lodge address.